My name is Bree Cevaal and I am the creator of June Threads. June Threads began in the fall of 2016 when I started to make clothes for my friends for football games, Coachella, and other special events. After seeing how passionate I was about June Threads I decided to open my own clothing store. I have faced many obstacles and many amazing opportunities in the past few years. At June Threads, we strive to help women feel confident in what they wear and do so through comfortable fashion forward clothing. 
Something that is so incredible about June Threads is that it has many different styles. One day I could be wearing a tracksuit and sneakers, and the next day be in heels and a dress. I wanted to incorporate many different styles because I believe that everyone is unique and deserves a unique outfit. 
A lot of the clothing pieces are named after my friends. Everyone has always pushed me to pursue this dream of mine and therefore so many people are a part of my journey. 
To learn the entire back story of June Threads and how it got started, head over the the video gallery and watch the "ABOUT THE BRAND" video!
xoxo Bree Cevaal